5 Best Android Launchers To Customize Your Phone

An Android Launcher

You all know that the OS Android is very popular all over the world due to the endless customization opportunities it provides to the end users.

To operate the android phone it needs a launcher. By default, every phone comes with a pre-defined and pre-installed launcher. But the problem with the default launcher is, the users can’t customize it as they want.

Third Party Launchers

Therefore as a solution to that problem, the phone users use third party launchers to customize their phone’s user interface. Recently there are lots of third-party launchers available in the market. These third-party launchers offer endless customization opportunities to the users.

But, unfortunately not all the ones are good to use.

To save your time and the trouble of browsing through the hundreds of launchers, here is a list of best 5 android launchers according to my personal opinions.

Keep in mind that this is just only my personal opinion. You need to choose the best launchers as your needs.

5 Best Android Launchers

1. Nova Launcher

Certainly the best alternative for the default launcher is Nova Launcher. It works very smoothly on any kind of android phone. I have been using the Nova Launcher for several years now without any issues.

Being fast, efficient and the lightweight are the key features of the Nova Launcher. It supports for lots of customization like dock customization, notification badges, an option to show most frequently used apps as a top row in the app drawer, icon and folder customization, dozens of icon customization and many others.

Additionally, the prime version unlocks much more features and the basic version gives you enough features to use the Nova Launcher without any issues.

2. Buzz Launcher

Buzz Launcher comes with lots if unique features. “Homepack Buzz” is very unique to Buzz Launcher and it allows the users to share and use thousands of customized home screens uploaded by thousands of Buzz Launcher users.

The launcher comes with an inbuilt app locker and a RAM cleaner. So the users don’t need to install any other apps to lock the apps on your phone. Like all other launchers, Buzz Launcher offers lots of gesture controls to use as short cuts to launch the desired apps and services.

The Buzz Launcher comes only as a free version and you can install it here.

3. Evie Launcher

Evie Launcher is one of the fastest launchers that you can find on google play store. Many users those are using the Evie Launcher are happy with its performance and the smoothness.

The universal search feature of the launcher allows you to search within your apps from one place. A wide range of customization and home screen shortcuts makes the users happy 🙂

The only down side is, the launcher doesn’t offer much gestures. Overall, the Evie Launcher is a light weight launcher that you need to give a try.

The app is free and you can download it here.

4. Apex Launcher

This is another great third-party launcher that you can use to replace the original launcher. This launcher comes with thousands of themes and icon packs that you can download them via google play store.

This highly customizable launcher allows you to add up to 9 customizable home screens and hide apps in app drawer that you don’t need.

There are two versions of this app. A free version and a paid version. As usual, the paid version unlocks many features. But you can use the free version for many purposes.

You can download the free version of Apex Launcher here.

5. Microsoft Launcher

This is the last one in my list.

Previously this launcher was known as Arrow Launcher. Recently the launcher comes with the name of Microsoft Launcher and it is from the company Microsoft. With Microsoft launcher, you can customize and personalize your mobile phone or tab to match your style with stunning wallpapers, themes, icon packs and many more.

Since the app comes from the official Microsoft company, you can trust this launcher than others. But the only drawback is, it doesn’t allow much customization compared to other best android launchers.

You can download and install the Microsoft Launcher here.

In this article, I only talked about 5 android launchers. But you can find hundreds of different types of launchers in google play store. Keep in mind that every launcher has its own features and they come with advantages and disadvantages too.

Therefore before installing any third party launcher, make sure to do your own researches. Because one simple mistake may lead your phone to serious software problems.

If you find any valuable contents in my article, please feel free to leave a comment 🙂