7 Best Android Themes for Customizing Your Phone in 2019

If you want to completely change the way your Android device looks, you can easily install some best android themes from the Google Play Store.

But the main concern is, choosing the right one among the tons of themes.

Android OS is becoming more popular in the mobile segment daily. Especially, the reason is, Android-powered mobiles are low in the price, and it offers more customization futures.

When we speak about Android OS, customization is one of the greatest things. You can modify your Android UI in every possible way.

For example, if you want to provide your Android phone an iOS look, then all you need to do is to install a theme. You can apply the same procedure when you want to make your phone looks like a windows phone.

The easiest way to completely change the appearance of the interface of your phone is to install Launchers and custom widgets.

When it comes to Android themes, you can find tons of free and paid launchers for your phone on Google Play Store.

You can customize everything from the icons to the keyboard, and even the wallpapers, lock screen, and text on your Android-powered devices with the help of themes.

In this guide, I have prepared a list of best android themes that you can use to customize your android phone in 2019.

Also, you can apply these themes on any Android device no matter the brand of your phone: Samsung, Huawei, LG, etc.

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01. Nova Launcher

Nova-launcher-best android themes

Tired of seeing the same old home screen?

If you own a smartphone running Android OS we have good news for you. You no longer need to stick to the monotony.

Android supports for third-party launchers, custom applications that add new characteristics, themes, and optimizations to your home screen.

Generally, there are hundreds of Android launchers that you can choose to install on your phone.

But when talking about the best android themes, features that offer Nova launcher, no other Android launchers were not able to come close to the Nova launcher.

With the help of Nova launcher, you can replace your home screen and app drawer to give it a unique view.

There are two versions of Nova launcher. Prime and free version. The paid version offers more features. But it is always better to try the free version first before paying for anything.

Download Nova Launcher

02. Evie Launcher


The design and interface are clean and clear. As a result, Evie is very simple and easy to use.

You will not get lost in the crowd as the app is not much complicated one. It covers essential custom options such as icon size, icon labels, column size, etc.

Almost all the launchers offer a search bar on the home screen. But the Evie launcher takes your search experiences to a new level.

In addition to offering search for apps on the phone, it also gives you the ability to search for the websites, ATMs, Hotels, etc.

You can access all these features from a single search bar.

Being a free app, installing Evie launcher doesn’t cost you anything but a little time.

Do you use an app if it has ads? I guess your answer is NO.

Believe me. Evie launcher has no ads. Most importantly it is for the free version. As far as I know, there is no paid version of Evie.

Generally, Evie launcher offers a cool folder customization option in addition to the features mentioned above.

Also, you have the ability to backup and restore your Evie settings quickly.

When considering all the above-mentioned features, I can suggest that Evie is one of the best android themes that you can give a try.

Download Evie Launcher

03. Microsoft Launcher


Microsoft launcher is previously known as Arrow Launcher. It was trendy in those days.

Generally, most people who rely on other launchers do not seem to attempt to install Microsoft Launcher. But many users say that Microsoft launcher is fantastic.

From the Google Play Store, you can download the Microsoft launcher to your android phone.

If you’re using the Microsoft Launcher, or even any Microsoft products, signing in using your Microsoft account would be a great option. It will bring many advantages, including calendars and to-dos synchronization.

Microsoft Launcher 5.1 is the next major update for the Android launcher from Microsoft. Now the update is in beta testing with users.

If you tried the Microsoft Launcher on your phone, we suggest that you try the 5.1 updates.

I can highly recommend Microsoft launcher as one of the best android themes that you can use recently.

Download Microsoft Launcher

04. Go Launcher

There are many ways to enhance your daily experience while using Android-based mobile phones.

Usually, people like to try new media players, different kind of backgrounds, etc. But if you want to make your phone unique and fabulous, you need to change the entire style of the phone.

GO Launcher enables you to alter the look of your phone entirely, as well as boosting your experience.

More than 7 million users are using the Go launcher according to the Google Play Store records. User Interface and the look is not the only thing that matter. User experience is the most important and valuable thing.

That is what exactly the developers of the Go launcher are going for.

They use their own 3D Engine that enables them to create the fastest and safest system with incredible 3D impacts.

Go launcher allows you to create as many different home-screen panels as you like and it lets you customize a vast number of different elements of your phone.

Download Go Launcher

05. Smart Launcher 5

Smart Launcher has been around for years, but last year, with Smart Launcher 5, it really picked stuff up a notch.

The home screen features a gridless widget positioning system — and a brand-new modular page system is available — but the app drawer is the most exciting thing here.

Smart Launcher 5 sort your applications automatically into multiple categories. Furthermore, with Smart launcher pro, you can even add your own categories to sort the applications.

Smart Launcher 5 has a lot to enjoy, from a responsive and detailed categorical app drawer to some of Android’s most accurate widget positioning to the most diverse icon choices on the market.

Also, the gestures are working way better than the swipe app gestures of Nova and Action launcher.

Download Smart Launcher 5

06. Poco Launcher

Poco F1 from Xiaomi may not be widely available in the United States. But the good news is, you can get a taste of Poco F1 with the help of the Poco launcher through the Play Store.

The Poco Launcher deviates from the usual design sensitivities of Xiaomi, providing a full app drawer with intelligent category tabs that automatically sort applications into groups such as Communication and Photography.

The launcher provides a screen design that you can customize, transition impacts, icon pack support, and badges for notification.

It doesn’t give as many extensive customizations as it does rival launchers, but it looks great and is designed to be on the streamlined end of things.

Download Poco Launcher

07. AIO Launcher

This is the last in my best android themes for 2019 list.

As you know, most of the launchers give you the facility for visual customizations of your phone. But, AIO launcher is about cramming as much information as possible in a comparatively spartan format on your screen.

The app shows your commonly used applications as well as system data, recent calls, emails, and upcoming calendar activities and more.

You can install the free version of the launcher to give it a try. But the paid version unlocks other features like widget support, app icons, and Android notifications, etc.

If you have tried all other launchers, you will realize that the interface of AIO launcher is not user-friendly. But if you don’t bother about the information density, AIO provides, it will be an interesting choice to use AIO launcher.

Download AIO Launcher

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