5 Best File Managers For Android

What is a file manager?

A file manager is a program that is used to organize, list, locate and manage files and directories on a phone or a computer

Every phone comes with a default inbuilt file manager. But the problem is it only gives you less permission to manage your system files. Sometimes these basic file managing functions are not sufficient for your needs and you may need something more than that.

Whatever the purpose of yours, here we will bring you a list of best file managers for your android device.

1. ES File Manager

When compared with all other android file managers, ES file manager is the best available option while choosing a file manager for your Android device.

ES file manager supports ZIP and RAR file types. This will help you to easily manage your data and keep your android phone junk free.

You can download ES file manager by clicking here at google playstore.

2. MK File Manager

With MK file manager, you will get an inbuilt gallery, text editor and music player. Also, it comes with a two-panel window to view files.

This MK file manager supports 20 languages. It can extract and compress files.

You can try it by going to here

3. Astro File Manager

Along with the basic functions like cut, copy, paste, the Astro file manager comes with an inbuilt mobile system cleaner. By using it, you can easily uninstall and clean applications of your phone.

The Astro supports for 13 languages. The task killer option will help you to kill the process of the application that may lower your battery life. With the user-friendly interface, you will find it is very easy to manage files in your phone with Astro file manager

Why not give a try Astro File Manager?

4. X-plore File manager

With the provided dual-pane explorer interface, the users can manage two windows at the same time. Basic functions like copy/paste files can be easily accessible. The free version comes with adds and the pro version is an ad-free version.

Additionally, X-plore file manager comes with some additional features like network storage, cloud storage, pdf viewer, zip extractor, video player and much more.

You can install the X-plore file manager here.

5. Asus File manager

This is the default file manager for the Zen UI Asus phones. But now you can install it for any kind of android phones via google play store. The app is free, but it contains adds.

The simple and easy to use interface will give the users easy access to the files of their phones. Also, the built-in recycle bin allows you to recover files after you delete them.

Play store allows you to download it here