How to Clear the Cache on Windows 10 Safely

Is your Windows 10 computer running very slow? Then you might want to clear cache Windows 10 to fix the issue.

You can see many types of cache files on any operating system such as Windows 10. Generally, those cache files take a considerable amount of space from your hard drive some times.

If you feel that your computer runs very slow compared to previous days, then the problem might be the unwanted file cache.

Especially Windows 10 versions keep a significant amount of cache to make the system faster and responsive when compared to the previous Windows versions. But unfortunately, sometimes those file cache cause issues on your system.

How to Clear the Cache on Windows 10?

There are several ways that you can use to clear the cache on your computer.

You can use any cleaner software to clean the cache and unwanted files from your computer. CCleaner, for example.

Or you can do it manually by your self. That is the best option that you can use.

In this guide, I will tell you how to clear the cache on Windows 10. You can apply the same methods for the earlier versions of Windows too.

Method 01 – Start With Your Browser Cache

Your browser keeps a tremendous amount of cache files when you surf the internet. You can start clearing the cache by removing browsing data from your system.

To clear your browser data, you can use Ctrl + Shift + Del/ Delete keys at the same time on your keyboard. It will bring the clear browsing data window.

Also, you can type or copy-paste the below line to the browser address bar and hit enter to bring the same cache clearing window.


From there, go to Advanced option and select the time range as All time. Then you need to select all the options you can see below. Finally, click Clear data.

chrome cache clear

It will clear your browser cache data.

Important – If you are using several browsers, then you might need to clear the cache files on all those browsers separately.

Method 02 – Clean Temporary Files in the Windows Settings

1. Click start and click on the gear icon to open the settings window.

windows settings open

2. From there, click on system.

windows system settings

3. From the next window, click on storage. Then from the right-hand side when you scroll down a bit you will see an option Change how we free up space. Click on it.

change how we free up space on windows settings

4. Under Temporary files, select all the checkboxes to clean all those cached files. Then Click Clean now button to clean the cache data. It will take some time to complete the process.

clean cache files to free up space now on windows

This should clean your temporary files and free up your disk space.

Method 03 – Use Disk Cleanup Option

1. Type Clean in the Windows search box and open the Disk Cleanup app from the menu.

open disk cleanup on windows 10

2. From the next window, it will ask for the drive that you need to clean. Select your desired disk partition and click Ok. You can repeat the same process to clean all the partitions in the same way.

disk cleanup drive c

3. wait for a while until disk cleanup calculate the files

calculating disk cleanup

4. From the next window, select all the data that you need to clean and press the Clean up system files button at the bottom left. You will see Windows restore points have taken much space here.

delete unwanted temp files on windows using disk cleanup

5. Again it will ask for the drive that you need to clean. Select the same drive that you selected in the previous step. It will calculate the files again.

6. From the next window, select all the data that you need to clean and click Ok.

disk cleanup for drive c ok

7. You will be asked to confirm the action. Click Delete Files button.

8. Wait until it completes the cleaning process.

Method 03 – Clear Windows Store Cache

When you are downloading files from the Windows Store, it creates temporary files on your system. After installing the application, you don’t need those cache data. So it is better to delete them to free up space.

To clear the Windows Store cache, follow the below steps.

1. Press Windows key and R on your keyboard. It will bring the Run dialogue box.

2. Type wsreset.exe and press Ok or hit enter.

wsreset to clear cache windows 10

3. This will clear your app store cache from your system.

Method 04 – Clear Your Location Data

You can also remove your location data from your system to free up some space. To do that,

1. Click the start menu and click on the gear icon to bring the settings window.


2. Now click on Privacy.

privacy settings on windows

3. From there, click Location. Now at the right-hand side click Clear under the Clear history on this device.

location cache clear windows 10

Method 05 – Delete Prefetch Files

When you open a program each time, Windows creates a file containing the data about the files loaded by the application. When you launch the program next time, Windows uses this prefetch file to load and run the app smoothly.

You can clean those caches in windows to free up some space on your Windows 10 computer.

To do that,

1. Open the Run dialogue box by pressing Windows key and the R key of the keyboard at the same time.

2. Type prefetch and hit enter

prefetch cache clear

3. Delete all the files in that folder.

prefetch cache delete

Method 06 – Delete Temporary Files on Your Computer

Windows and much third-party software create some temporary files on your system. Since those files are for temporary purposes you can remove them safely.

To do that

1. Open the Run dialogue box.

2. Type %temp% and hit enter.

clear temp files step 1

3. It will open the temp folder of your computer.

4. Select and delete all the files if you think those are not needed for you.

delete local  temp files

5. Again launch the Run dialogue box and this time type temp. It will open another temporary folder and delete those files too.

Hopefully, by following above-mentioned steps, I think you can successfully clear cache Windows 10. Feel free to leave your comments below.

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