Error 410: Problem With the Network – Youtube Application

What is error 410 on Youtube application on Android, and how to fix it?

When you try to watch a video with Youtube application sometimes, you may see a message saying that “ There was a problem with the network  [410]”. That is a common issue that you can see on many android devices including TV, TV Boxes, and Phone.

error 410

The error indicates that your current version of the application is no longer compatible with your current OS version. You can see the below errors

There was a problem with the network [410]

A network problem appears: Error: 410

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How to Fix the Error 410 on Your Youtube Application

There are a few solutions that you can try to fix the error code 410. The first method is to sign out from your account and log in again.

Method 1: Sign Out and Sign in Again

1. Sign out

Tap your account photo

Got to Switch account

Then go to Use Youtube signed out

2. Sign in

Tap account

Tap sign in

Add an account or select an existing account to use with Youtube application.

Method 2: Clear the Cache

Check whether your internet connection is working fine. If the connection is OK, then there might be a cache related issue on your Youtube application. So you may need to clear the cache to reset the app to its default settings. To do that

Go to Settings and then Application Manager

Search for Youtube Application

In storage >> Clear Data and Clear Cache

After doing so, you may need to login to your Youtube application again.

clear data and cache

Method 3: Update the application

If there is an update available for your application then download and apply it. Sometimes you may need to clear the cache again after updating your app.

If the above methods don’t work for you, then try the following solutions.

  • Restart your device
  • Uninstall and reinstall the Youtube application
  • Try switching the network or try a wifi network.

Hopefully, by following the above methods, you should able to solve the error 410 issue on your Youtube application successfully.

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