8 Proven Ways To Monetize Your Blog

When you first start writing a blog you may have lots of questions like where to start, how to start, how should I monetize my blog etc. Also, the starting process may be much boring.

The bloggers want others to see their words and contents and they need others to share them. Also, they want to attain the respect of the people and to boost their page ranking and the authority of their respective niche. However, the things are not that much simple as it is said. The blogger or the owner of the niche has to work much harder to achieve what he wants. Another difficult part is driving the traffic. Even you have enough traffic, it will be difficult to monetize the traffic that you do receive.

The reason

The reason is most of the people only think about the money that they can make with blogging. They fail to maintain the quality of the blog. If they do follow the fundamentals of blogging then the monetization part will not be that much hard. So, the best thing is about taking care of the quality of what you are writing.

Most important rules of blogging

As a blogger, you need to pay your close attention to some rules. If you pay your attention to those rules, you will succeed in the long run. Ignoring them, you will find it is pretty hard to drive traffics to your blog. You can read here what are those rules.

Monetizing your blog

While there are tons of ways that you can use to monetize your contents, these are the most famous methods to

1. Affiliate marketing

One of the most popular and profitable methods for monetizing your contents is using affiliate marketing. This is very good when you just starting out and you don’t have anything to sell as your own products or services. There are hundreds of thousands of affiliate facility providers right now. All you need to do is, develop contents which are related to the product that you are going to promote as an affiliate marketer.

For an example, if your blog is related to fitness, then you can easily sell products related to the health. What you need to do is go and register an account with a company that provides affiliate commissions, Amazon as an example and promotes the health-related products of them in your blog.

2. Advertisements

This is one of the popular methods that the people are using to monetize their blogs. For an example, lots of bloggers are recently using google adsense as a method to monetize their blogs.

However, the income will be very less unless you have a huge amount of traffics like thousands of visitors per day. Anyway, this is a very good and easy method to make some passive income.

3. Email marketing

This is another favorite method among the bloggers for making money online. But to be a successful email marketer, firstly you need to build your list. You may need to additional knowledge or help of a third party to grow your list if you don’t have enough experiences in this field.

By building a strong connection between you and your readers, definitely, you may able to generate some good income by promoting your products or affiliate products to them.

4. Sell ebooks

If you are teaching a skill that many people can make use of it, it will give you a relatively quick way to make money from your blog contents.

By creating attractive contents you can easily promote your ebook directly through your blog. By building a sales funnel, which is a way to make your book selling autopilot, the process of promoting your book will be much easier.

5. Selling courses

Another great way of making money through your blog is selling digital online courses. Develop a helpful and intuitive course that people can make use of it. If the people love it, then they will share it.

If you can create courses about technical skills like web development, digital marketing, freelancing, SEO and so on, the demand will be much higher than other courses.

6. Selling digital products

You can sell any kind of digital products on your blog as long as it matches with the contents of your blog. For an example, you can create a webinar and allow the people to download it.

Digital products can be in any form of videos, downloadable guides as PDF, software and so on. Give your best efforts to create the contents that help the people to learn something new.

7. Secure sponsorship

If you have planned to monetize your blog, secure sponsorship is a good way to make money from your blog. But keep in mind that you may need a fairly huge amount of traffic if you are going to sell the service for a significant amount of money. You can create sponsored articles as long as you label them as sponsored.

You need to be careful when doing this as Google also cares about sponsored links and Google will penalize you if you are doing something wrong. So be as transparent as possible.

8. Selling coaching services

You can sell coaching services to the people like career coach, business development coach, life coach and so on. In these days the demand for that kind of services is really high.

Keep in mind to make the purchasing process very simple. Because people tend to abandon the purchasing process when it is too complicated and they may leave the site and that will increase your bounce rate too.