How To Easily Fix Blue Screen Of Death “VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE” Error In Windows 10

The Blue Screen of Death in all Windows versions is a common issue that we can see. Among them, Video_TDR_Failure is the most common issue.

That is why the BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) errors have become a common topic today. Unlike in earlier Windows versions, in Windows, 10 BSOD has become more acute.

In most cases, the problem comes from the third party components from other hardware vendors.

In this guide, we are going to tell you how to fix that video failure error easily.

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What is Video TDR Failure

TRD stands for Timeout, Detection, and Recovery components in Windows. Video TDR Failure means if the Windows operating system detects response problems from a graphics card then Windows will give this TDR error. Also, the system will reset the card to recover the system to a functional desktop.

The default resetting timeout is 2 seconds. If the operating system doesn’t receive a response from a graphic card within 2 seconds, then the OS reset the graphic card. Most of the time, Windows will restart the driver to solve the issue.

That can happen due to an incompatible, faulty, outdated, or corrupted driver version. Generally, Windows will update the drivers with Windows update. Sometimes the updated driver might not be compatible with the video card. As a result, you will see this Video TDR error.


If you see the video failure error according to this format, it means that your AMD graphic card driver causes the problem. However, for Nvidia video cards, the error message would be VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE(NVLDDMKM.SYS).

No matter what graphic card you are using, the same solution can be applied for both card types.

How Do I Fix TDR in Windows 10

There are a few ways that you can fix this error. Let’s go through all the possible ways that you can use to recover your system from this blue screen of death error.

If you can access your computer and BSOD occurs after some time, then create a restore point before doing anything.

Step 01 – Roll Back Your System to a Previous State.

Sometimes an updated driver version causes the issue. Then you can roll back the graphics driver to the previous version. To do that

1. Open the device manager. To do that right-click on This PC and click on Manage. It will open the device manager window.

windows 10 device manager

2. Expand the graphic driver and right-click on it. From the menu click Properties. It will open the driver’s property window.

Roll back graphic drivers

3. Now go to the Driver tab and click on Roll Back Driver. You will be asked for some details. Select an appropriate one and click Yes.

Roll back graphic drivers to fix Video_TDR_Failure issue
Roll back graphic drivers window yes

Step 02 – Remove the Graphics Driver and Restart

Since this error can occur due to incompatible graphics drivers, you can try uninstalling them first.

Assume that you can access your pc and the error happen only sometimes. Then what you need to do is,

1. Right-click on This PC and click on Manage. It will open the device manager window.


2. Next, expand the Display Adapter and right-click on the AMD graphic card. Then select uninstall device.

uninstall graphics drivers to fix Video_TDR_Failure issue

3. From the next window, select delete the driver software for this device and click ok.

Delete ATI drivers

4. After removing the driver, you need to restart your computer. After the restart, Windows will automatically install the driver again. If you don’t receive the error back then you can use the system as usual.

But if you still receive the error, then you need to proceed to the next steps.

Step 03 – Update Your AMD Graphic Card Driver

Try to update the AMD graphic driver. You need an active internet connection in this step. Follow the below guide to update your driver.

1. Open the device manager window.


2. Next, expand the Display Adapter and right-click on the AMD graphic card. Then select update.

update driver

3. From the next window, choose Search automatically for updated driver software. It will automatically find, download, and install the correct driver software.

update driver automatically to fix Video_TDR_Failure issue

4. If it fails to update your driver, then download the driver file from the official website and try to install the driver. Also, it is better to update the chipset drivers too. You can find them on the official site of your motherboard maker.

Step 04 – Re-install Drivers in Safe Mode

If you can’t update/ re-install/ Roll back your drivers in normal mode, then you may need to boot into safe mode. To do that

1. Press the Windows key and R on the keyword. It will bring Run dialogue box and then type msconfig and hit Enter.

msconfig window

2. It will open the System Configuration window. Go to the Boot tab and check the safe boot. Click OK to save changes and reboot in safe mode.

safe boot options windows 10

3. Again go to the device manager and perform all the above steps from step 01 to step 03.

Restart your system to see if the error still exists. If you still see the error, then follow the rest of the process.

Step 05 – Install an Old Version of the Driver

Go to the official website, and if it gives you an older version of the drive, try to download and install it. Sometimes older drivers work better than new drivers.

Step 06 – Replace atikmpag.sys or atikmdag.sys

If you failed with all the above steps, then try replacing the file, which is listed in your blue screen error. That should be atikmpag.sys or atikmdag.sys according to your error.

1. Go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers and search for the file. For example, let’s assume that atikmpag.sys file gives the error.

2. Rename it to something like atikmpag.sys.old.

3. Go to C:\ATI and find the file atikmpag.sy_

4. Copy the file to your desktop.

5. Open the command prompt as Admin and run the below commands. Hit Enter after each one.

Chdir desktop

Expand.exe atikmpag.sy_ atikmpag.sys

Or type in expand –r atikmpag.sy_ atikmpag.sys and press Enter

6. When the expansion process completed, copy the new atikmpag.sys file from the desktop to C:\Windows\System32\drivers

7. Restart your system.

Step 07 – Reinstall Your Operating System Again to Fix VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE Error

If none of the above methods work for you, then your last option is to reinstall the Windows again. Hopefully, it will work. But try to recover your system without reinstalling the Windows by following the above methods again.

By following all those methods you will able to fix the Video_TDR_Failure error. If you face any issue while following the above methods, please leave a comment.