5 Reasons Why Your Readers Don’t Visit Your Blog Again

Just imagine a newly started blog like just 2-3 months old is getting lots of visitors and a blog like 6-12 months old blog (yours one 🙂 ) doesn’t get much traffic or unique visitors?

How will you feel when that happens?

You will lose your moral within minutes when you see it. Your efforts, hard works all will be in vain.

Do you want to keep old visitors and attract more new visitors to your blog?

Great. Read the below contents

Why your Visitors Don’t Visit Your Blog Again?

There are several reasons for this. Don’t practice these bad things when you are blogging and concentrate on what you are going to deliver.

1. Long domain name

Can you remember a name that consists of 20-30 characters? OK. When it comes to a domain name ? See this example


This is a working site. Can you remember this name? No way.

Your visitors need to remember your domain name. So keep it simple.

2. Boring contents

If the contents in your blog are not interesting to read, then no wonder why users don’t visit your site again. No one likes to read boring contents. Even the contents are good, you need to present them in a readable manner.

Working hard to build your content doesn’t mean that your contents are good enough to attract the people. Additionally, you need to pay attention to the quality of the contents.

3. Bad blog design

Most blog writers are using terrible designs for their blogs. Personally, I have skipped many blog sites because they don’t have a better design. Even before reading the contents I have skipped those sites.

Even if you have good contents, you will lose hundreds of visitors due to the bad design of your blog. Make your blog design simple, easy to read and minimal. Avoid terrible color combinations. Use a good theme not matter it is a paid one or a free version.

4. Not enough updates

Do you visit a website if it doesn’t have updates for months or maybe years? The technology is growing fast. So with the outdated contents what will you can do?

If you don’t update the contents regularly the visitors will go away after visiting your blog and that will increase your bounce rate. That will not be a good thing for your site.

5. Bad navigational structure

Can you find a place easily that you have never visited before without the help of a map? It will be something like you are walking in a dark forest without having a light.

If you don’t have a proper navigational structure, your visitors will easily skip your site. So keep the menu at right places. Do not use navigational buttons here and there. Arrange them according to a plan.

I hope this little guide will help you to design a good looking blog. If you find some value in my contents, don’t be shy to post a comment 🙂